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If you are pressed for time, our 5 day Egypt tours are quite simply, perfect! Spend your entire vacation in Cairo, or add Luxor to your trip for an even more unforgettable experience in the Land of the Pharaohs.

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5 Day Egypt Tours

5 day Egypt tours are perfect for people who want to experience a true taste of Egypt but only have a limited amount of time. You can’t visit and explore all of Egypt’s ancient wonders in the space of five days, but you can certainly see several of the country’s most breathtaking historical sites with a professionally designed Egypt itinerary.

A 4 day and 3 night Nile cruise will allow you to see several magnificent tourist attractions located on the banks of the Nile River between Aswan and Luxor, but you won’t have time to visit and explore the top attractions in Cairo with this option. For the ultimate experience, we recommend looking for 5-day Egypt tour packages that focuses on Cairo and possibly Luxor as well.

Top Attractions to Visit in Cairo

Cairo, Egypt’s vibrant capital city, is home to many excellent attractions. The best 5-day Egypt tours should, at the very least, include a visit to the iconic Giza Pyramids and Sphinx, the Egyptian Museum, and the centuries-old Khan el Khalili bazaar.

Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx– No trip to Egypt is complete without a visit to ancient Egypt’s most awe-inspiring monuments, the legendary pyramids and the Sphinx.  The largest of these three pyramids, also known as the Great Pyramid of Giza, is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one which is still standing and mostly still intact. Visitors are able to enter all three of the pyramids although a separate ticket needs to be purchased for each pyramid you want to enter. One of the great things about our 5-day Egypt tours is the fact that they include your own expert tour guide who will tell you all about the fascinating history of the various archaeological sites that you visit during your brief stay in the country.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar -Also known as the Khan Al Khalili Market, this charismatic marketplace is one of the biggest and oldest markets in the entire Middle East. Even if you don’t intend to do any shopping, exploring the market’s many meandering lanes and alleys is an experience not soon forgotten. It is truly an alluring bazaar where one can spend hours shopping or simply people watching.

The Egyptian Museum – The Egyptian Museum is located right in the heart of Cairo. It is home to roughly 250,000 artifacts that showcase 5000 years of Egyptian history. Many of the relics that were once on display at this world famous museum have now been moved to the new Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza but there is still so much to see at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. If you are only going to be in Egypt for 5 days, then this is one attraction which definitely needs to be on your bucket list of must-see attractions.

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Venturing Beyond Cairo

A lot of good quality 5-day Egypt tour packages will also include a visit to Saqqara to see the Great Step Pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser. This is believed to be the very first pyramid ever built by the ancient Egyptians. Visitors can enter the pyramid without having to purchase any additional ticket. Once again, having your own expert tour guide will ensure that your visit to this site is more rewarding than ever.

Some 5-day Egypt tours may also include a day trip to Alexandria, but if you are visiting Egypt because you have been longing to see the country’s ancient wonders, then Luxor should be next on your list after Cairo.

Karnak Temple 

Also known as the Karnak Temples Complex, this vast site is home to the ruins of a number of temples, chapels and other structures. It’s most impressive feature is a forest of giant columns. The complex was expanded and added to by many pharaohs over the course of more than 2,000 years. Even today, it is the largest place of worship ever built by man.

Luxor Temple 

Luxor Temple is a magnificent ancient Egyptian temple located on the east bank of the Nile River near modern-day Luxor. It was built during the New Kingdom period and dedicated to the Theban Triad of the god Amun, his wife Mut, and their son Khonsu. The temple is known for its grand architecture, stunning columned halls, and intricate carvings depicting scenes from ancient Egyptian mythology and religious rituals. Today, Luxor Temple is a popular tourist attraction, drawing visitors from all over the world who come to marvel at its beauty and immerse themselves in the rich history of ancient Egypt. The temple is close to the Karnak Temple complex, so most people visit both of these archaeological sites as part of a day tour or half day tour.

Colossi of Memnon 

The Colossi of Memnon are two massive stone statues located on the west bank of the Nile River in Luxor, Egypt. Standing at around 18 meters tall, these statues depict Pharaoh Amenhotep III and were originally part of a larger complex that included his mortuary temple. These iconic statues have stood in the Theban Necropolis for over 3,000 years and have become a popular tourist attraction. Despite their damaged state and missing parts, the Colossi of Memnon are a testament to the grandeur and power of ancient Egypt.

Hatshepsut Temple 

The mortuary temple of Queen Hatshepsut is located on the west bank of the Nile River near the modern city of Luxor. Built for Egypt’s only true Egyptian female ruler, this stunning ancient marvel is one of Egypt’s most instantly recognizable ancient monuments thanks to its terraced design. Today it is considered to be one of the country’s “Incomparable Ancient Egyptian Monuments. As with Karnak Temple and Luxor Temple, Most visitors will visit this timeless monument as part of a Luxor day trip or half day trip. If you book one of our 5-day Egypt tours, your tour guide will be with you to tell you all about the ancient history of this breathtaking monument.

Valley of the Kings 

Also located on the west bank of the Nile River, only a short distance from Hatshepsut Temple, this ancient royal burial ground is home to 62 tombs, including the tomb of King Tutankhamun. Several of the tombs are open to visitors. However, in order to enter some of the most famous tombs, additional tickets need to be purchased at the site. If you book one of our 5-day tour packages that include a Luxor tour, you will have access to three or four of the tombs in the valley, but again, If you want to enter any of the most famous tombs, such as the tomb of King Tutankhamun, you’ll need to purchase an additional ticket at the site.

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Aswan and Abu Simbel

Aswan and Abu Simbel are both well worth a visit. In Aswan you will have the opportunity to visit and explore the magnificent Philae Temple, and at Abu Simbel you will get to see the absolutely breathtaking temples of pharaoh Ramses II. These are Egypt’s second most instantly recognizable ancient monuments after the Giza Pyramids.

If you book one of our private 5 day Egypt tours, it will be fully customizable, allowing you to choose exactly which sites you want to visit. Bear in mind, however, that it is best to not overcrowd your schedule. After all, this is meant to be a dream vacation rather than an experience which is going to leave you feeling utterly exhausted.

A Perfect Holiday Package in Every Sense

When you book one of our 5-day Egypt tour packages, you are booking a travel experience which is guaranteed to be flawless from beginning to end. With top class hotel accommodation, expert tour guides, experienced drivers, clean and modern air conditioned vehicles, and truly unforgettable sightseeing, you will be enjoying Egypt the way it should be enjoyed.

Contact us now to begin planning your trip in the Land of the Pharaohs or to book one of our epic 5-day Egypt tours today.



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Explore Egypt your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit!


Design Your Custom Tour

Explore Egypt your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit

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