Tours to Egypt and Jordan from Australia

Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia

Our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia are just as affordable as they are unforgettable. Two fascinating destinations brought together flawlessly to create a holiday package that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. Enjoy private guided tours in Cairo and then cruise the Nile River in the lap of luxury with daily excursions to many of Egypt’s priceless wonders.

Fly to Jordan and let us introduce you to even more breathtaking sites, including amazing Rose Red City of Petra. With expertly guided tours, and ample time for relaxing, our tours represent a harmonious balance. Book you’re an epic vacation today, or continue reading to find out more about our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia.

Our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia provide a perfect blend of sightseeing and relaxation in two extraordinary destinations. When you book Egypt and Jordan tours from Australia through us, you are booking through a tour operator that has been providing exceptional tours since 1955. For this reason, we believe that our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia are as flawless as possible.

Great Accommodation from Beginning to End

Our tours are as much about comfort as they are about sightseeing. To this end, all of our existing Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia feature 4 and/or 5 star hotel accommodation exclusively. The only exceptions would be if choose one of our Egypt and Jordan tours from Australia that feature camping in the desert. A few of our multi-destination tours might also include accommodation in eco-lodges which essentially don’t have any star rating. However, even such accommodation is bound to impress you.

Cruising the Nile in Style

Nearly all of our existing Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia include a Nile River cruise. As is the case with hotel accommodation, we only ever book our clients onto 5-Star cruises. These river cruisers are very much the same as hotel. They include the same sort of amenities that one would expect to find at any good hotel.

There are also various services available on board these vessels, including massage and spa services. All the cruises that are featured in our tours include full board. Enjoy 3 full meals a day throughout your cruise without have to worry about additional expenses. Most cruises also include free on-board entertainment in the evenings.

Things like snacks, beverages and any additional meals are not included in the prices of our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia. Laundry services are available on board the vessels, but laundry expenses are not included in our tour prices.

It is worth noting that most of the services and amenities mentioned above are not available on a Dahabiya cruise. These traditional river yachts are far smaller than the larger boats, and space is therefore limited. Dahabiya boats can typically only accommodate up to about 12 to 15 people. These cruises also include full board. They also tend to cost more, but if you want a much more personal experience compared to a regular cruise, then it would take a lot to beat a Dahabiya cruise.

Expertly Guided Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia

All of our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia included the services or professional English-speaking guides. In nearly all instances, tours in Cairo are private guided tours with one of our Egyptologist guides and your own private driver. If your chosen tour includes a Nile River cruise, all tours and excursions during the cruise will be small group tours. Tour groups are kept small, and they are also led by one of our Egyptologist guides.

One or more of our guides always sail with the boat so that they can accompany our clients to the various sites that are visited during a Nile cruise. They only sail with the vessel to serve as guides during excursions. Under no circumstances will they invade your privacy during your cruise, but they will always be there to offer assistance if need be, or to share their vast amount of knowledge with you.

In Jordan, you will have your own private English-speaking driver, but you won’t have a full-time guide with you. Instead, we work with local English-speaking specialist guides at the various sites that are featured in our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia. For example, you will have a specialist local guide to show you around at the Lost City of Petra; different guide to show you around at Jerash, and etc.

The Best Sightseeing Imaginable

As has been mentioned already, our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia have all been designed by a company that has been providing high quality tours since 1955. With this amount experience behind us, you can be certain that our tours feature only the very best attractions, both in Egypt and Jordan.

Most of our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia begin in Cairo. Generally speaking, there will be one or two full days of sightseeing in and around Cairo. Places such as the Giza Pyramids; the Sphinx and the Egyptian Museum feature in more or less all of our existing Egypt and Jordan tours from Australia. Places like the Hanging Church of Cairo and the Cairo Citadel also feature in many of our tours. If you tour included 2 or 3 days in Cairo then you are also likely to visit the Step Pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser, as well as Memphis, the ancient capital of the Old Kingdom.

Nile River cruises run between Aswan and Luxor, with fantastic sightseeing in Aswan, Kom Ombo, Edfu and Luxor. Some of the most notable attractions that feature in nearly all cruises include places like Philae Temple; Kom Ombo Temple and Edfu Temple. In Luxor we visit several more extraordinary sites, including Valley of the Kings; Hatshepsut Temple; Luxor Temple and Karnak Temple.

Several other historical monuments may also be included in your tour itinerary, depending on which one of our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia you opt for. In Jordan, you will generally visit fewer attractions than you will in Egypt, but those that you do visit are no less amazing. The Lost City of Petra is in itself more than enough reason to visit Jordan. It must surely be one of the world’s most magnificent archeological discoveries. An entire city carved out of the sides of a long and deep rock gorge, Petra is well and truly beyond words.

What Is Included in Our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia?

Our Egypt and Jordan tours from Australia include admission fees/tickets for all sites and attractions that are mentioned in the various itineraries. All accommodation is included, along with all meals listed in our itineraries. This typically includes all breakfast meals at the various hotels; all meals during Nile cruises, and any other meals that are specifically mentioned in our itineraries.

Our tours also include clean, comfortable, and modern air-conditioned transport during tours and transfers. If your chosen tour includes a Nile cruise, domestic flight tickets to and from Cairo and Aswan/Luxor are also included in the price. When you travel with us, you will also always be met by one of our tour representatives when you arrive at airports. Last but not least, tour include the services of professional guides at all attractions listed in our itineraries.

What Is Not Included in Our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia?

While every effort has been made to ensure that our tours are as inclusive as possible, there are certain things which we are not able to include. Some examples would be admission tickets for certain premium sites/attractions such at Tutankhamen’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. Only a certain number of visitors are allowed in certain sites on any given day. In order to prevent ticket hoarding, visitors are required to purchase tickets in person at the sites.

We also do not include tickets for the Mummies Room at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. We are aware that some people may see the viewing of mummies offensive, so we have left this to be optional. Our Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia also don’t include things like a tipping kitty and/or personal spending money. The cost of entry visas and international travel/airfare are also not included in our prices.

Passport and Visa Requirements

The following advice is based on the assumption that you will be traveling to Egypt and Jordan on an Australian passport. If that is indeed the case, you really have nothing to worry about. For both Egypt and Jordan, you will need to have a minimum of 6 months validity remaining on your passport as from your intended date of departure from each country.

Entry visas for both countries can be obtained via their respective embassies or consular offices in Australia. Alternatively, people traveling on Australian passports can also obtain a Visa on Arrival in both Egypt and Jordan.

Australians also have the option of obtaining an online e-Visa for Egypt. To apply for Egyptian e-Visa, simply visit the Egypt e-Visa Portal and set up an account. Once your account has been set up, follow the online instructions to apply for your visa. Once your application has been approved, your e-Visa will be emailed to you. All you need to do then is print it out and then present it to immigration when you arrive in Cairo.

A Dream Vacation Awaits You

Whether you are searching for a relaxing break in the sun, or whether you are looking for a sightseeing extravaganza, you will almost certainly be able to find to perfect tour package right here on our site. With Egypt, Jordan tours from Australia to suite all tastes and budgets, your dream vacation is now only a few mouse clicks away.



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Explore Egypt your way by selecting only the attractions you want to visit

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